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Landeros invents experiences, then he directs the process by which they are brought into being. In Computer Gaming Worlds' list of the greatest computer games of all time, Rob Landeros was involved in the creation of seven of them.  A meticulous artist, designer and craftsman, Rob's passion for innovation currently manifests itself in the form of Tender Loving Care, and Point of View, elegant marriages of interactivity and original cinematic storytelling. The unique approach brought to these titles, coupled with solid artistic and narrative content, provides for compelling entertainment experiences special to Aftermath products.

Prior to co-founding Aftermath, Rob co-founded Trilobyte, where he designed the wildly successful and classic CD-ROM products, The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. Prior to that, he was company Art Director for Virgin Interactive Entertainment. While there he directed numerous titles such as Spirit of Excalibur and War in Middle Earth.  He co-created the popular gameshow of the future, Lexi-Cross, which served as the basis for new and improved Let's Do Diddley.

Rob first entered the entertainment software industry in 1987 as Art Director for Cinemaware. There, he directed such best-selling titles as Rocket Ranger, King of Chicago and Defender of the Crown.

Prior to moving into entertainment software, Rob delved into a variety of artforms.  In the sixties he reveled in the counter-culture movement, drawing outrageous  underground comics to support himself. Later he spent several years perfecting the art of wildlife engravings in fossil ivories. Eventually, he purchased a Commodore Amiga, created his first digital graphics, and never looked back.

For his achievements in entertainment software, and particularly for The 7th Guest, The 1tth Hour and Tender Loving Care,  Rob has been honored with numerous awards, including:

  • "Best CD Game" (Interactive Academy/Cybermania Awards - 1995)
  • "Best Entertainment Title" (Multimedia World Readers' Choice Award - 1994)
  • "Golden Triad Award" (Computer Game Review - 1994)
  • "Award of Excellence" (New Media Invision Awards - 1994)
  • "Creative Excellence for Best Animation/Graphics - Gold" (New Media Invision Awards - 1994)
  • "Best CD-ROM Class - Game / Adult" (PC World - 1994)
  • "Breakthrough Game" (Electronic Entertainment 1st Annual Editors' Choice - 1994)
  • "No. 1 Rated Game" (Computer Gaming World Readers' Poll - 1994)
  • "MVP Entertainment Software" (PC Computing- 1993)
  • "Special Achievement in Graphics Design" (Game Players PC Entertainment - 1993)
  • "Silver Award" (British Interactive Media - 1993)
  • "Most Valuable Product" (PC Computing)
  • "Most Creative Use of DVD Technology" (European DVD Summit)
  • "Best DVD" (Interactive Digital Media Association)
  • "Best Hybrid DVD" (DVD Pro Conference 1998)
  • "Super Games Hit Award" (Super Games Magazine)
  • "Creative Excellence in DVD Technology" (DVD Pro Conference 1999)
  • "Games Strategy/Puzzle - Gold" (New Media Invision Awards - 1995)
  • "Consumer Interactive Movies - Bronze" (New Media Invision Awards - 1995)
  • "Honorable Mention" (Consumer Games International Cindy Competition - 1995)
  • "Best Graphic Adventure" (CD-ROM Today "Rommie" Awards - 1995)

Now & The Future

Rob is currently focused on graphic design especially as applied to print and game design & development. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Medford Oregon where he also enjoys golf, politics and karaoke.