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Good Copy as Important as Good Design

People are full of hope when they stop to consider your Website, ad, or marketing piece.

They're interested, and they’re ready for your best pitch. Pictures, colors, and intelligent design are half the battle. Everything looks great. You seem professional. You seem likable enough. 

Okay, good. Now what do you have to say? Nothing? Of course not. But how would your potential customers know?  They’ve read a line here or there that reads like a textbook, sales script, or someone trying to be funny, and they’ve given up. They’re not listening anymore. They don’t quite understand who you are or what you’re selling.

People suffer mediocrity every day, but they simply won’t plod through average copy.

Average copy may even look the part. It may be entirely coherent and follow every rule of grammar. But it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t educate. It doesn’t brand. And it doesn’t sell. It merely takes up space -- space that could’ve been used by a professional copywriter.

Let Landeros Design help fashion your message so that it comes to life, reaches out and speaks clearly to your audience about you and your business.

About Our Copywriters

Charles McHenry - Charlie is a talented strategic thinker, writer & blogger with broad experience with B2C & B2B, RFPs, proposals, promotions, websites, corporate and organization communications of all types. He has decades of experience in all aspects of marketing and communications. His specialties are concept and copy production, strategic planning and crisis response, political communications, social networking campaign design and management.

Mark Heminger has 15 years of ad agency experience -- six as a managing partner/creative director/copywriter at a small agency in the Midwest. He has helped businesses build brands and execute award winning ad campaigns. His skills include strategy, concept and copywriting, with the flexibility and capacity to consult, to oversee projects or play a defined role within. His overriding objective is to connect with clients and cohorts who share a similar appreciation of this vibrantly alive universe. A small sampling of his portfolio can be seen at markheminger.com.