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Here is a short list of some of our clients and what they have to say about us. We thank each and every one for their kind comments and for being such a pleasure to work with.


Rob Landeros is one of the most talented designers anywhere and if he accepts your project you should thank your lucky stars. He has the very rare combination of outstanding artistic sense, the desire to actually listen to what you want, and the organizational skills to get the job done quickly. We were thrilled to find him and plan on keeping him busy indefinitely.

- Peter Schultz, Cashflow Heaven

D&S Harley Davidson

"About two years ago, I engaged Rob to totally redesign our old website. He did so and surpassed even my expectations, giving it a contemporary and refreshing look and feel. Everyone here at the dealership is very pleased with the result. He also continues to maintain the site, making changes and updates quickly -- usually as fast as I can give them to him. Since we update often with time-critical information, the prompt turnaround is invaluable. The entire process goes so smoothly, it is a pleasurable business experience."

- Terrie Claflin, Manager, D&S Harley Davidson

Friends of the Animal Shelter

"I asked Rob Landeros to redesign our website to look professional, but friendly and intimate at the same time. Since I am the webmaster, I also asked that it be constructed simply enough so that I could maintain it myself. Within a day or two of our initial consultation, he had created a completely new design and two days after that he was completely finished, and it was just what I had hoped for -- and more. "

- Robert Casserly, FOTAS

Empire of Income

Okay fine. You're a genius. Is that what you wanted to hear? (all you 'artists' are alike).

I LOVE everything about the damn site -- including the new logo, new font and new 'little green house' you put in there. This could easily be the most beautiful site we've ever created. I am TOTALLY happy with this thing and as a 'tip' I'm willing to write a testimonial for your site if you use such things.

YOU my friend, are the work of art (this does NOT give you license to raise your rates).

Now when can I start posting stuff on this beautiful new site and start making obscene amounts of cash?

- Peter Schultz, Empire of Income

Freedom Film

"When our original webmaster left us hanging, Rob was there to step in and finish the job in no time. With little trouble for us, he was able to assemble, organize and present a wide variety of material to help us promote our business on the web. Our transition from straight film and video production house to full service agency was hectic, but was made much easier by Landeros Design's consultation services. We anticipate and look forward to expanding our business relationship with Landeros Design in the future."

- Calvin Kennedy, Owner, Freedom Film Video & Multimedia

BCWent, Inc.

"Landeros Design provided full service website development for our firm... but that's not what I want to say about our experience. What I was most surprised by was the simple bottom line fact that we saved literally thousands of dollars by buying the "Web Empowering Tutorial" sessions from Landeros Design. In 4, one-on-one, on-site sessions and less than $500.00, 2 of our staff (and even myself) can now do all we need to do to effect "critical" changes directly to our companies website and perform from our staffs homes or office. I also feel like we finally scaled a huge psychological wall our internal staff and even myself had put up concerning our web managing competencies. With the help of Rob's competent staff we scaled our organizational Web-Wall-of-Fear. This is by far the most positive and yet intangible asset we received from this experience. Ironically, this singular positive and long term benefit was an off shoot and not a line item charge in our maintenance services contract with Landeros Design. Like I said, ironic."

- J. Brian Hennessy, Founder and President, BCWent, Inc.

Redlands United Church of Christ

"Our previous website was serving us well, but with increasing interest in our congregation's services, we decided to update the site.  In consultation with Rob, we saw options for color, graphics, fonts, and overall design.  Our committee approved Rob's suggested design, and he quickly finished the makeover.  Since the update has been completed, traffic to our site has increased, contributing to a rise in attendance at our church services.  Many guests comment that they found us through our website.  Rob also has provided a maintenance contract that is tailored to our specific needs and fits well within our church's budget.  Updates to the site are routinely and promptly completed, with special notices and informational links posted immediately.  Our congregation -- members, friends, and guests -- can utilize the site with ease and retrieve information in a timely way. As I say at the end of my weekly sermons... Amen and Blessed Be!"

- Sharon R. Graff, Pastor, Redlands United Church of Christ

Rogue Film Company

"I had been struggling for months with a very uncooperative and unresponsive webmaster for my movie site (Raspberry Heaven). I contacted Rob Landeros and asked him to take over the job. In short order, he arranged for transfer of my domain, fixed the site problems and found it a new home at a very reasonably priced hosting service. My requested changes and updates have been instant -- quite a contrast to my first experience as a website owner. Another difference is that Rob has insured that I have full control of my domain and am no longer totally dependent on the whims of my webmaster."

- David Oas, President, Rogue Film Company

Silver Lining

"When we changed our business model, Landeros Design helped us set our direction, upgrade our image, and establish a fresh brand identity while remaining true to our business culture and heritage established over the decades. Rob was very prompt in responding to our requests and proactive in anticipating our needs. We have come to view his services as an integral part of our small business."

- Dena Romero, Marketing Director, Silver Lining