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Malcolm E. "TLC is what I hoped computer games would become."
KanSolo “I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a magnificent game. You know, I always asked myself why none of those ‘big great software companies’ create a game that offers that much thrill and fun. When I first bought the game I installed it on my machine and was addicted to it from the first minute on.”
Tony Schultz “Holy $@#(!!! 

“Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the design crew of TLC...I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t count or relate the number of times my jaw has proverbially hit the floor. 

Dan & Gretchen Forsley “My wife and I would like to thank you for a stimulating and unforgettable gaming experience. From the soundtrack’s haunting score, to the highest quality of actors, to a mesmerizing script, the game has delivered on all counts. To all couples who are tired of the Lara Croft and war games that permeate the industry we wholeheartedly recommend Aftermath’s ‘Tender Loving Care.’” 
Stuart Luscombe, UK “TLC is one of the BEST games I’ve played EVER! The depth, the story, just everything about it!

“Give us more games like these! We love them!” 

Chris "I must tell you about the most amazing experience I have ever had with my computer.

I was in Electronics Boutique looking through the games trying to find something worth spending my money on.  I picked up your game and it intrigued me.  It didn't seem to be what I was into but I was wondering how anyone could live up to all that your game promised on the box.  My friends laughed thinking I was buying a "chick" game.  I went home and installed it and never before have I played a game which is even half as good as TLC.

P.S. Now all my friends are fighting for a chance to play TLC."

Angella Mooney "I write for a site called Adventuregamer. I got my hands on this title just today, and I can't believe it. I absolutely love it. What an experience!!!  I pray to GOD that you will start another project like TLC. 

Out of the 60+ titles I have played in the past year, this is one that will remain on my "favorites" shelf along with 10 other titles that hold this prestigious honor :) "

Barb Ferretti “I have just finished the game and really loved it! I have been looking for a game that an adult woman would enjoy and definitely found it here. Hats off to all who made this game so wonderful and intriguing. Please make more games like this one."
John Bluemke “Tender Loving Care is the MOST incredible game I have EVER played! After I was done I let 2 of my friends play. And we all had different outcomes... and we all had one thing in common. WE PLAYED FOR HOURS AND HOURS STRAIGHT! The first time  I played, I was up until the sun came back out... and so did both of my friends! Truly addicting!’” 
Kimberly Riggs “I just bought TLC and am enraptured!  I haven't been this mesmerized by a game since Gabriel Knight II.” 
Sam Reich "I recently stumbled quite randomly upon your new game, 'Tender Loving Care', and was completely blown away.  It seems that technology is so amazing nowadays, but it is a rare occasion when a company really steps up at bat to use it.  The story, the interaction, and most of all the analysis, make this more than a game.  It is an entertainer, a therapist, and a psychology professor all in one.  I thank you so much for coming up with such a fascinating thing, and I encourage you to continue for many years in the future!"
Mark Richardson "TLC is excellent!  I've been telling friends about it.  It's so well done, it's almost a shame to call it a game.  Kudos to all who worked on it.  I hope to see more 'games' from you along this line."
Lee York “I would just like to say well done on a brilliant job you guys did with Tender Loving Care. You guys are the best Interactive Movie game makers around. I thoroughly enjoyed TLC. It has got to be the best interactive movie game I have ever played.

I hope to see more and more titles like TLC. To me you have created a whole new genre of computer gaming. Most people would call TLC an adventure game, but I would call it an Interactive (adult) Movie, a whole new gaming genre.

Thanks again for a brilliant game."

Laro Schatzer “I simply want to congratulate the developers of 'Tender Loving Care' for their qualitative work. Besides the good performance of the actors in the interactive motion picture, I think the intelligent construction of the plot - depending on the psychological projections of the player - deserves a worthy credit. It is not an easy task to embed such an 'educational' topic into an entertaining framework.

And it demonstrates the potential of psychological analytic methods (as TAT), of course. From my point of view, the developers have demonstrated in a convincing manner how interactive software can be made both intelligent and entertaining. Aftermath has surely set new quality standards in this genre.” 

Kyle LoPrimo “TLC has a lot of creative genius in it.  It grabbed me and pulled me in right from the start!  I hope that there are other 'adventures' in production.” 
Rico "By far one of the greatest gaming experiences I have ever had. I loved the 11th hour and 7th guest and this was a welcome addition to my collection. My only request is that you 'do' it again so i can 'live' it again. Thanks for the ride!"
Jens Jakobssen “Thanks for a great game (TLC, that is) -- it is the best I have played since Riven!” 
Andy Flocchini “...all I can say is, ‘Holy S***!’ This is one of the most in-depth, plot twisting, involving games I’ve ever seen! I don’t know where you got the ideas from but keep it up!” 
Keith “Just wanted to take a second and tell you that you have produced and awesome interactive game / movie.  I just bought it yesterday... installed it last night, and I was up until 2:00 a.m. playing it.  Really, really cool.” 
Sean Hale “I purchased your product, Tender Loving Care about a month ago.  So far, I have nothing but praise of your game.  Since video has become a way to advance a PC game story, I have been an avid supporter, and your game has turned that feature into a full fledged PC experience.  My congratulations.

I have played both by myself, with my fiancée’, and with friends.  There have been evenings when people have not loosed their eyes from the computer due to the game’s wonderful and cryptic plotline that ends with a ferocity that stuns.” 

Mark Walpole “Just finished the first pass through TLC and really enjoyed it! A truly unique game. The TAT questions and pictures were a hoot, the profiles hilarious, but then the final analysis was actually interesting. Just like the movie, I couldn't tell what was what - is this a brilliant satire, or just brilliant? All of which made the movie seem even more sureal and creepy.” 
Julaine Berger “I have just finished 'Tender Loving Care' and was most impressed.  It was so different and exciting, There aren’t too many games that can appeal both to men and especially women.” 
Claudia "Help!  I am addicted to Tender Loving Care. It's the best game I have ever played."
Gordon Graves “I would like to offer my thanks for making such a great DVD.  It is what I hoped virtual reality games would become, only, we need a lot more of them using this interactive format that TLC uses.  Please tell me this is not your only work and that you will be making more of these in the near future.” 


The London Times  “This is an adult caper with an enticingly voyeuristic style. Verdict: 9 out of 10. Supreme thriller with a twist - adults only.”
Yanman on the Web  “...a movie adventure that is sure to become a classic. If you don't have a DVD-ROM drive yet, TLC is the reason you should get one.”
The Oregonian  “AfterMath Media promised an engaging, interactive movie for grown-ups, and that’s precisely what it’s given us. “It’s a movie; it’s a game; it’s a psychological exam. It’s nothing you’ve tried before....”
The McDonald Kino News  “It lives, it breaths, it analyses. This project succeeds in realizing its many and ambitious claims through the unique interaction between player and creator.”
PC Games/GDR  “In our offices, Tender Loving Care was circling like a joint.”
Gamestar  “Two beautiful women, sex, a touch of violence and the depths of your own psyche will fascinate you for endless hours.”
Powerplay  “...a great thrill of erotic entertainment for adults.”
Just Adventure  “If you are tired of the run of the mill adventure games produced this year, you will most definitely want to give Tender Loving Care a chance.”
Video Business “Interaction Guaranteed… a truly entertaining, truly interactive movie… written and directed by David Wheeler and produced and designed by Rob Landeros (the team behind the CD ROM titles The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour)”
DVD Express “David Wheeler and Rob Landeros have established themselves at the forefront of a new style of movie-making by trail-blazing both the concept and execution of "enhanced movie experiences." Aftermath has combined the best elements of cinema, literature, visual arts and music to create TLC - a stunning, provocative, and engaging interactive movie that is unlike anything else available.”
Home Theatre Review “TLC is more than a movie, and not just a game, get ready to have your mind probed and the outcome change at every turn. Just one word of warning here, if you're not ready to play all the way from end to end, don't start, this one is impossible to walk away from!”
Digital Bayou

“Writer/director David Wheeler has created a masterpiece in early DVD technology. He has seamlessly forged a psychological thriller that molds perfectly into an interactive format… Tender Loving Care is the answer to complicated movie adaptations that don’t work…

Tender Loving Care is one of the most effective interactive films that has ever entered the mainstream market.”

DVD Emporium “Absolutely fantastic. The game aspect as well as the film is totally enthralling and you won't want to stop playing this game until the movie has finished! Simply the best of it's genre - this is one for the collection.”
The Portland Oregonian “Aftermath Media promised an engaging, interactive movie for grown-ups, and that’s precisely what it’s given us."
Kevin Brass, Video Store “This is a quantum leap from early attempts to create interactive DVD movies…may be the first DVD to actually make good on the promise of a different experience each time it is played”
Grey Areas Magazine “This interactive motion-picture offers Dolby Surround sound, psychological testing, personality analysis, navigable 3D environment and superb photography and video quality…unique and highly recommended to those who want more from the DVD format than just films.”
DVD Empire “This is what DVD is all about: Pushing the capabilities without compromising quality and price.”