Rob & Dave

Rob Landeros invents experiences, then he directs the process by which they are brought into being. In Computer Gaming Worlds' list of the greatest computer games of all time, Rob was involved in the creation of seven of them.  A meticulous artist, designer and craftsman, with a passion for innovation, Rob conceives of Aftermath as a vehicle for redefining the nature of  entertainment media, now and for the future. Currently, that passion manifests in the form of Point of View and Tender Loving Care, elegant marriages of interactivity and original storytelling. This unique approach, coupled with solid artistic and narrative content, provides for compelling entertainment experiences special to Aftermath products.

David Wheeler, Aftermath's writer/director, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where he attended York University before studying filmmaking at England's prestigious London Film School.

After writing and directing a movie for television, THE FIGHTER, about a young boxer who is blinded in a fight, David met up with Rob Landeros of Trilobyte who had created the ground breaking interactive CD-ROM, The 7th Guest. Together they created the highly successful 11th HOUR and have been working together continuously for eight years. They formed Aftermath in 1996. Tender Loving Care was their first production, followed by Point of View, which was released in April of 2001.

David's first documentary, Life Sentence, one of the first films on battered wives, was produced at the school. The film won wide acclaim, and, subsequently, CBS brought David to the United States to direct documentaries. The first of these films, Skid Row, won four EMMY Awards. Also for CBS, David helped create the multiple EMMY winning Two On The Town, which ran for eleven seasons. 

Next, David turned to directing and photographing television commercials, where he developed a style for cinematic composition and design. Specializing in fashion and cosmetics, he directed pieces for, among others; Lancolm, Jordache Jeans, Elizabeth Arden; Anais, Anais; Diet Coke, and Bill Blass Jeans, for which he won a CLIO Award.

Inside Aftermath

Founded by artist/designer Rob Landeros and writer/director David Wheeler, Aftermath is dedicated to the ideal of realizing true, interactive storytelling, fulfilling the promise of multimedia and broadening the market for interactive entertainment software.

We feel that, so far, the industry has barely scratched the surface of interactive storytelling and that the key to the future of entertainment is interactivity.

Our unique approach to interactive story development sets the company apart from other developers. Emphasizing the well-founded principles of storytelling such as plot, character development and pacing, our titles evoke something rare in interactive storytelling -- emotions. Aftermath's interactive stories scare, arouse, perplex, intrigue and engage. By combining the best elements of cinema, literature, visual arts and music with high production values and elegant, unique interactive design, Aftermath creates products which have an appeal that goes far beyond the limited range of the gaming community into that of the mass audience.

We believe substantive story content is universally appealing and suitable for delivery in all forms of media, including DVD, CD-ROM, film, television and the Internet.

Under the leadership and creative direction of co-founders David Wheeler and Rob Landeros, Aftermath's management team boasts a substantial collective experience in software development, artistic production and direction, filmmaking and interactive design. To take advantage of the best available resources — both technical and creative — Aftermath follows a Hollywood studio business model, which provides the company with the flexibility to bring aboard leading creative and technical talent for each project.