I believe that Ms. Jane Williams is suffering from the Acute Phase of Rape Trauma Syndrome. She is having trouble sleeping, has frequent nightmares and has complained of severe stomach pains. Her calm, composed nature—which the media has crucified her for during this trial—is merely a mask: a defense mechanism the mind employs to keep from going mad. From my interviews with her I know that she feels shock, horror, shame and remorse. After Ms. Williams is released—as I’m confident she will be—it will take many years for her to get over the effects of these events.

Many people have asked if she will go back to modeling after this is all over. I can only say that typically, women who have suffered this sort of trauma often move away and start completely new lives. Sometimes even change their identities. Sadly, this sort of wholesale abandonment of the past does not help. Ms. Williams will most likely be plagued by phobias; fear of sex and men, and paranoia. She might also suffer acute depression, anxiety, anger and flashbacks. Mr. Streather is dead, but Ms. Williams is the victim. That is, until she finds resolution in all of this.