Point of View is the new made-for-DVD and Internet movie from writer/director David Wheeler and designer/producer Rob Landeros whose recently released Tender Loving Care, starring John Hurt, has been heralded as "the forefront of a new style of movie making…stunning, provocative and engaging" (DVD Express), "a masterpiece in DVD technology" (Digital Bayou), "a truly entertaining, truly interactive movie" (Variety) and "a supreme thriller ­ 9 out of 10" (The London Times). Tender Loving Care has won numerous awards, including 1999’s top DVD awards in both North America (Pro Discus) and Europe (DVD Summit ’99). (Click here to see a complete list of awards, user comments and reviews)

PoV, which was shot entirely in Vancouver, BC, is the first project under Aftermath Media’s new Digital Circus banner. Like TLC, it is cutting edge ­ taking advantage of the high-tech digital equipment the movie was shot and recorded on Digital BetaCam using, for the most part, natural lighting. Concurrent with post-production of the movie, interactive elements will be created. PoV will then be transferred to film and be available as a linear theatrical release, as well as an interactive DVD and online movie.

Story Synopsis
PoV is an edgy suspense story about obsession, art, eroticism and murder. It follows the story of a beautiful and mysterious artist named Jane. She is a recluse who avoids all real human contact, expressing herself only through her art. She is running from her past… a past that has seen her kill a man. She develops a strange attraction for a neighbor named Frank on whom she spies from her apartment window. She takes photographs of him without his knowledge and from these images creates composite drawings of the two of them together. Jane also observes and draws her friend Mary, who has a Lonely-Hearts relationship with an anonymous man whom she’s never seen. Eventually they agree to meet and Jane goes to the meeting in disguise but gets mistaken for Mary and is suddenly caught up in dangerous situations and bizarre events, both real and imagined.