Met with Peter Lee Enric in my office (12:36 AM—1:01 PM).

He was traced through telephone records. He is accused of making “harassing” phone calls to Jane Bole, by said person, and “prowling about” her apartment building.
Mr. Enric went by the name “P” in his personal add correspondence with Mary Saleski (see Saleski file) who apparently committed suicide. Ms. Bole suspects Mr. Enric of murdering her friend. Mr. Enric denies this.

Mr. Enric was very calm in our interview. There is something about him, however, that I find untrustworthy. He could not stop talking about Ms. Bole and called her “really attractive” and “quite the looker.” He made it known that he did not find Ms. Saleski attractive and wished that Jane had been the woman who was meeting him at the cafe. He claims that he merely called Jane and went to her house to give her back a gold watch (now in my possession) that she had forgotten at the cafe. Mr. Enric stated that after meeting with Ms. Saleski he put her in a taxi, then went back to a bar to drink heavily because he was “down” on himself. He claims that the bartender will recognize him and verify this alibi. I’ll follow up on this today.
I told him to cease and desist calling Ms. Bole. He agreed to never go to her apartment building again.

Addition: (7:45 PM) Met with bartender and he verified Mr. Enric’s story. Enric’s presence at the bar puts him there around the time of Mary Saleski’s death. I’ll have to confirm the exact time of death with the coroner.