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Notice of Revocation of Independence

Notice of Revocation of Independence
Due to your inability to self-govern, your independence has been revoked.

Fallujah: The 21st Century Guernica
Where is the new Picasso to help citizens focus on the themes of our times?

George and the Ten Commandments
Can you be a good Christian if you fail the Ten Commandments test?

We're not in Lake Wobegon anymore
An adapted excerpt from the new book Homegrown Democrat

Newest rules
The return of our favorite political thinker and social satirist, in which he continues to lay down the law.
by Bill Maher

Bedtime for Bozo
Americans seem to love leaders who share traits with birthday party clowns

Hypocrisy: The US Government's Biggest Problem
A very simple and easy-to-understand explanation for why the world hates us.

Letter to a conservative young man
A thoughtful answer to a question about politics yields some answers about life.

Bush is my brother-in-law, The Shlub
Bush is like that loser brother-in-law that almost everybody has.

Big Brother Bush
Orwell had it right. His prediction just came true twenty years late.

How to determine who should get married
Separation of Church and State, George. Remember that phrase and say it at least ten times a day.

The Political and the Personal
An account of how each has, sadly, imposed itself on the other.

Reinstate the Draft: A Modest Proposal
Make the war a personal danger to the average young American and the ranks of protesters for peace will multiply exponentially.

A Tale of Two DialoguesA Tale of Two Dialogues
Two brief conversations that say a lot.

I am a patriot tooI am a patriot too
There are more fundamental expressions of patriotism than wealth, power and nationalism. What does it mean to be an American?
by Samuel Raider

Why we hate BushWhy we hate Bush
It's the stolen election, stupid.
by Ted Rall

Mr. Bush and the FlagMr. Bush and the Flag
It depends on what the meaning of "desecration" is.
by WaPo

New rulesNew rules
In which one of our time's most original political thinkers and social satirist lays down the law.
by Bill Maher

That giant sucking soundThat giant sucking sound
Suck, suck suck!
by Peter Lee

A Day at the Races with The Tipster
For all practical purposes, does it matter if someone is a liar, misinformed, incompetent, or simply stupid?
by Fred Clark

George Bush doesn't existGeorge Bush doesn't exist
He's either an android or a genial, second-rate dinner theater actor.
by Rich Proctor

Tax cuts - a faith based initiativeTax cuts - a faith based initiative
For the Bush administration tax cuts are the true faith based initiative.
by Dwight Meredith

Weapons of mass distortionWeapons of mass distortion
The concept of WMD is dishonest. When they are in friendly hands we call them defence forces.
by Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Don't stand in the way of our joyDon't stand in the way of our joy
What better thing do we have to do in these months ahead than save the world?
by Doris Haddock

The United States of America has gone madThe United States of America has gone mad
Of course, this is just the opinion of one famous British novelist.
by John le Carre

The loud little handfulThe loud little handful
An observation on war, sheep, and the tyranny of the vocal minority.
by Mark Twain

The W stands for "Wrong-Way"The W stands for "Wrong-Way"
Why can't our leader start off in the right direction more often than not? Is he simply mislead?
By Rob Landeros

Fear TVFear TV
Anthrax and snipers and terrorists. Oh my!
By Rob Landeros

Armageddon tired of waitingArmageddon tired of waiting
If I had my druthers, I'd go out in "the big one".
By Rob Landeros

Those crazy cockeyed optimists!Those crazy cockeyed optimists!
Optimists see the glass as half full. Pessimists see it as half empty. The problem is that the glass is just too damn big.
By Rob Landeros

Crossing Over the lineCrossing Over the line
When entertainment becomes fraud.
By Rob Landeros

The Madness of King George
Our pick commentary of the month.

Plus some related items, new and old, examining the psychology of the most powerful man on earth.

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Bush The Fool

A nation of scared sheep

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